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Diana Blagdon named International Psychic of the Year for the second year in a row.

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What her clients say :

  • If you want complete and accurate information, Diana is your person to go to. within the last 3 years I have received readings from Diana and have been extremely impressed with her accuracy and thorough analyses of my situations. She will not sugarcoat or give you misleading information so if you want the truth, you can anticipate to get it. In addition, she provides amazing tips and suggestions on how to ease your situation.
    I recommend Diana with very high marks for anyone that may be in need of a reading
  • I was so surprised and delighted with the information you provided in the channeled message thank you so much. You made contact with my father, an aunt that was special to me and several messages from my guide that made so much sense.  The report you gave me was clear and concise it helped me move forward and take care of the business I needed to clean up.  It has been several months but the information is still available. Thank you so much. March 2016 Adele from Australia.
  • Another great session- I worked with you 4 years ago when I was at my lowest point ever and you were the only psychic who told me she would not come back.  I was crazy and kept calling other psychics but you were clear and concise and accurate. When I needed some insight on a few issues today I knew exactly who to call thank you then and now.  I would not consider working with anyone else.  M L from Maine psychic client February 2016
  • Just had a great session with Diana. She was right on and clearly saw important aspects of myself, my relationships, and future finances. Diana  was direct and genuine in her delivery of her readings  past, current, and future were clear and concise. December 2015
  • I have been working with Diana since 2012 when I began the process of a horrible divorce.  In the beginning we did strait psychic readings and she told me from the beginning that I would get to a place of peace and offer a settlement to my soon to be ex.  I told her she was crazy- I would not settle for one cent less than he owed me. By mid 2013 I started working with her as a life and business coach and I could not believe it when late in 2015 I woke up and realized I was done fighting and offered a settlement.  Thank you Diana for your insight understanding and patience.  I am not sure I could ever have gotten to the peaceful place I am now without you.  December 2015
  • I called Diana when an old boyfriend turned out to be a sexual predator.  I am a Psychologists in family practice.  I called her because I needed her to look at what was happening so I could understand where I was  going. Her vision was clear and accurate and proved to be a life saver for me on several occasions. She clearly saw what I was unable to comprehend and her insight and understanding helped me emotionally to move from a place of shame and self criticism. At one point she gave me invaluable pointers about how I might move forward from a business practice perspective. One of the most helpful things we did was a past life soul regression and I could actually see the relationship and the karmic connection. August 2015
  • Diana is a really honest, reliable and a very helpful person. She went to a lot of trouble answering all of my questions and she was straight to the point and did not sugar coat the reading. I highly recommend her the service I used was the Spirit Directed Message and we emailed  it was straight to the point and very thorough with several email follow ups. Anonymous, NSW, Australia. July 2015
  • I did a session with you in May and the most amazing things have happened over the last couple months.  Thank you for the insight you shared even though I was not real happy hearing it at the time. Because I live in Korea we used Skype and it worked really well. I had misgivings about how it would work over the phone but you tuned in immediately and were right on in your insight. Thank You Alysia July 2015 Seoul Korea
  • You did a most amazing reading for me in March and I can’t thank you enough. One of the things you encouraged me to do was volunteer at an animal shelter. Wow what a difference that has made in my life.  I do not know exactly how it works but I just know that it works. Do not stop doing what you do so well. Alysa GA. 2015
  •   Client  from CA January 2015 Diana I am restating it because I find it so profound thank you for another great session.
  • I did a Business Consultation with you last year and the direction you encouraged me to look in proved to be exactly what I needed to take the corrective action you suggested.  What I appreciated the most was the agreement we made about whatever you found no punitive action would be taken toward any employees (excluding theft)  until consultation and suggested solutions were tried.  I liked that! Business owner 2015
  • Jill J from Asheville December 2014   “I recently had a past life regression session with Diana. I felt very safe with Diana leading me through this regression and I easily went into a hypnotic state. This session was so healing for me! The past life that I reviewed actually had a powerful message that pertained to an issue I have been currently dealing with! After this session, I have been able to process how powerful this healing was and it has helped me to work through the issue in my current life! Thank you so much Diana!”
  • “I have continued to do the 30 day challenge. I have felt pure joy for the first time in my life! My manifesting abilities have also taken off. Just had to share. I had a couch that was given to me. An old hide a bed that was missing the mattress and stuffed with old odd pillows. Its not bad, but I had prayed that someday we would get a much better couch. I lovingly thought about it and then let it go and forget about it. My brother called this week to tell me a guy at his work place wanted to get rid of a couch. It was free and I thought why not. I about fell over. The couch and love seat is made form a nice soft leather and they look beautiful! Way beyond what i had even dreamed! I am just amazed how things are shifting as I have done the challenge you sent me. Thank you SO much. I am open to any and all advice you have for me to continue on learning to connect with spirit.”.  Kim October 2014
  • Sep 2014 I did a reading with you a year ago and you encouraged me to have my husband talk to his DR about “heart issues” at his next physical.  I told him he talked to his  Doctor and the Doctor found nothing but in Jan he had a major heart attack.   Because of your encouragement we took him directley to the hospital and they told us that saved his life.  Thank You Carol from WI.
  • The Past Life Regression you did for me was amazing. Thank you for the insight it provided on a current life issue.
  • “Diana, thank you for the great insight you provided me today. I had been stewing over what to do for quite some time and you helped me SEE the next LOGICAL thing to do. Thank You.” august 2014
  • “I’m not sure if you will remember me … and my daughter ***** whom you met with this summer and to whom you sent meditation exercises afterwards. But I wanted to write and let you know that your effect on her was quite wonderful. She heard you in ways that she couldn’t hear me when I told her the same things. Our trip to Door County was very healing for her, and you played a large role in getting her to shift her mindset. So for that I will always be grateful to you. And I just wanted you to know that.” SUMMER 2014
  • “The guidance and insight I gained from having a reading with Diana was accurate and her guidance was positive, hopeful, and clear to understand. Diana’s approach is firmly rooted in integrity, truth, and compassion. I will continue to reach out to her for guidance in the future. I highly recommend anyone who is looking to hire a truly gifted intuitive.”  Kimberle T March 2012
  • “I have been intrigued and a cautious believer in psychic power. Today I had a one on one with Diana Blagdon, wow! Several times I had a ‘how could she know that?’ moment. Thank you Diana. This journey continues to evolve and amaze me!” Laura from Door County WI February 2013
  • “I had a wonderful intuitive session with Diana today. I came away feeling so much more clear about what I am here to do. I felt a deep confirmation for my path and a warmth and kindness that is uncommon and truly affirming. I also was given wonderful insight into my family that helped me be more true to myself. Thank you.” Jennifer from Cincinnati, OH January 2013
  • “Diana, thank you so much for your reading yesterday. It was much needed and it opened up my perspective in a completely new way in regards to my values and my husband’s values. Him and I had a really wonderful conversation afterwards. Thank you again and many blessings, Sonja a professional life coach and astrologer from New York City.”  Oct 2012
  • “Hi Diana–Thank you, once again for taking the time to meet with me last week. Our reading stirred up an important awareness for me and after an intense week of processing, I’ve come to a great place of clarity today around what I’m needing to communicate and also what I need to receive in order to be fully met in romantic partnership. I feel myself coming back to my grounded center and you were certainly a part of that. Thanks for choosing to honor your intuition by sharing it so honestly and compassionately. Bless you.”  Melissa S a Life Coach and performer from Wisconsin September 2012
  • “Diana, I had a wonderful experience and felt that our objectives were absolutely met. Thank you so much for leading us in a wonderful meditation session. It was a fantastic addition to our Door County vacation experience.”  A group participant from Chicago August 2012
  • Maria from Wisconsin, a participant in the Winter 2012 Intuition Development program says, “All the teaching and the energy are a part of who I am now… Thank you Diana.”
  • Rachel from Milwaukee “Diana told me to be patient, the love of my life would return.”  He did thank you Diana Reading done in April 2012
  • Barbara from California, a coaching client says, “She knew exactly where I was at and where I needed to go. Thank you Diana.” January, 2012
  • Valerie from New York, a psychic reading client says, “I was very satisfied with the information Diana gave me. It turned out to be right on the money.” December, 2011
  • John W from Egg Harbor, WI, a business owner says, “She is very capable, with excellent people skills and a wealth of experience. She motivates individuals to expand their achievements.” August, 2011
  • Tom A from Milwaukee, a business owner says, “Diana was always responsive and detail oriented. Our company worked with Diana on the… Website for which she provided good direction and cooperation in getting it launched.” August 17, 2010
  • John G from Chicago, a relationship client says, “I was a total skeptic but Diana helped me to clarify issues so I could move forward and work on my goals.” September, 2009
  • Sally P from Minneapolis, a psychic reading client says, “I was a mess when I first contacted Diana for some help. She helped me get grounded so I could sort through and figure what I needed to do next.” 2006

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