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What is Psychic Business Consulting?

Cesar Milan calls it the “power of the Pack”

Andrew Carnegie called it “Master Mind”

You simply call it your Staff.

 Psychic Business Coaching is a consulting process for personnel or human resource development that utilizes the skills of an experienced business professional who is also an intuitive. It provides positive support and feedback on an individual and group basis. The goal is to improve individual effectiveness which positively enhances group performance and results in greater profitability for the business.

Business coaching can include executive coaching, corporate coaching and leadership coaching but also looks at and addresses the “synergy” of the business group.

The steps in the coaching process include, but are not limited to:

  1. Developing one-on-one relationships.
  2. Evaluating performance and other work-relevant behaviors.
  3. Setting goals based on the behaviors monitored.
  4. Providing feedback throughout the relationship.

The main goal of feedback is to provide information in regards to the group and individual performance.

Using clarity, pragmatism and humor, Diana will provide you and your business organization many opportunities for growth, success and fulfillment.

She is available to coach your personnel or to facilitate one or all of the success steps defined in your evaluation process.

The initial consultation is with the decision maker and will look at the basic business structure, function and performance. The consultation includes an Esoteric Energy Audit with  the primary management team. This is a methodical examination and review of the hidden energy dynamic that is transferred between individuals in a business group.

Bottom line business performance is based on a group of individuals – bottom line business coaching incorporates  a “read” on each individual involved in the core group and the core group.

Unlike other Psychics that  guarantee life changing information in 60 minutes of talk time, Diana has found that a broader perspective and a longer term solution is generally a more realistic approach.

Of course quantum change is possible; we have all experienced a moment in time that has altered our life forever. However, most individuals that I have worked with need a process to support a paradigm shift.

I know and understand  it is always about the bottom line and your people are your most important asset.  

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