I am currently on a speaking sabbatical but am available for email and scheduled text chat.  I would love to work with  you!

Go to the list of services and select a product then email me your information. Email follow ups and short scheduled text clarification is included in the session fees. 

When life offers us twists and turns  the key to happiness is figuring out how to make the next right decisions. If you are looking for clarity and feel drawn to my energy we have work to do together.  Book your session today from the abbreviated list of services

Sign up for our mailing list and receive a complimentary 15 minutes with Award Winning International Psychic Diana Blagdon as a thank you. Diana16   Due to positive client feedback Diana was named US Psychic of the Year 2 years running at Circle of Stones an international organization of “heart based healers”.

Learn more about that organization here

 At times we all feel confused or overwhelmed and unable to make sound decisions. A psychic reading provides insight and understanding from a spiritual perspective.


By looking at the energy of your question, I can assist you in creating clarity and understanding. You might like to begin with a personal exploration using my Abundant Life Worksheet (PDF).

A Basic Reading will last approximately 30 minutes and the rate is $65. A basic reading is appropriate for exploring a single issue or establishing a baseline for future exploration. To book a basic reading go to the online scheduler and select the 30 minute service a date and time

An Extended Reading will last 60  minutes and is $125. An extended reading is appropriate for exploring relationships and compatibility, career and life choices, spirit communication, life patterns and past life issues. To book an extended reading select the date and click on the one hour option … Please note appointments scheduled through the calendar can only be done 24 hours in advance and are phone readings only. In person readings can be scheduled via text, email or phone.

October to May the StarGazers shop is closed and most readings are done over the phone. If you schedule an appointment and do not receive a personal confirming email from Diana please call or text me 920-854-9352 once your reading is confirmed you call me at the appointed time . Your appointment process was not completed unless you receive a confirming text or email.

The booking calendar is available under the services tab  

Same day appointments can only be booked through the instant read button on the home page or by texting to see if I have availability.

I encourage you to take notes during the reading.  I am a conduit for the information, it flows through me,  I do not store the information.

Psychic Consultation...Psychic readings can be given for a specific issue or  I can read and relate what I see in your energy field. My natural born energy sensitivity enables me to “look” beyond the physical and relate to you the energy that is forming around you. The readings are always given in a way that adds clarity for you.

Soul Reading/Coaching…I connect to you at your Soul level  and facilitate alignment to your Soul’s Purpose.   We look at your life from your Soul’s perspective … what is currently happening, how your past has influenced your present and what steps you can take to define and fully align with your Soul work. Soul Coaching Life Purpose acknowledges that we  all struggle in different areas of our lives from time to time. Luckily, you don’t have to struggle alone. I offer a safe, nonjudgmental place for you to explore the struggles in your life, set goals and move closer to living a happy & healthy life. In  Coaching utilizing a client centered, strengths-based approach, and drawing upon several Intuitive modalities I can offer clarity and insight. Together we build a strategy to move you forward so you can joyfully embrace your Soul’s plan.   Schedule this service through the Services page on this site.


Touchstone for Spiritual Understanding this session is booked directly with Diana. This is a channeled session without your presence.  Diana will connect with your Spirit guides and create an Affirmative Action Plan and provide you a written copy of the information she receives. Spirit will then direct her to the appropriate Spirit Pendant for you to enhance your connection to Spirit. You can follow up with a 20 minute phone session to address any questions you may have at no additional cost.

The pendant will be mailed to your home address.

The selection of the appropriate stone will be Spirit directed. Fee $220.00

peitersite & garnet

Pietersite & Garnet


Coaching…a future-focused, progressive, goal-based program to assist you in identifying and achieving life goals.  Client commits to a minimum of 6 sessions done over the course of 3 to 6 months and is scheduled through the online scheduler.

Spiritual Direction…helps add clarity and understanding to your relationship with the Divine and provides companionship for your journey. Usually done monthly for a period of several months.

Recovery Coaching…is comprised of coaching specific to your issues of recovery. I have 30 years experience working with individuals in recovery. This is not therapy, it is Spiritually directed work and serves to clarify and solidify your relationship to your core potential and assists in moving you from a place of surviving to thriving. Call Diana to schedule a session

Meditation Coach/Teacher…studies have proven that the combination of deep breathing and guided mental imagery are beneficial physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.  My natural perception allows me to journey with you and together we develop a pattern of understanding and a process of meditation specific to your needs.

Watch for information on an on-line meditation group forming.

To participate in Wisdom Weekend Retreats go to the online scheduler to reserve your spot and make your deposit. Currently there are no Wisdom Weekends scheduled.  If you would like to book Diana in to your location call today for available times.


Group work is contracted per job.

Retreats by Design
Diana will design a weekend retreat for your group, at your location. Focus has included: Recovery, Intuition Development, Prayer and Meditation, Team Building, Communication, and Healing Journeys.

Class Schedule is available. Call 920.854.9352 to receive a copy or get info.

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