Psychic Truth about Relationships

Everyone has heard the saying, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”

It is also true that when the teacher is ready, the students appear. In my professional experience as a Certified Psychic Reader and a life coach, I frequently have clients calling on me in search of information on certain types of issues that are familiar to me personally.

Over the course of the last several years, I have had a number of clients requesting psychic readings about  relationships. As often as not, the client was unhappy because their significant other was not performing up to a particular standard of behavior or had left the relationship all together.

My clients want to know if their partner will return, call them, or is seeing someone else.  Psychically, what I  see are currents of energy and energy patterns. Many of these clients have already done therapy around primary family-of-origin issues, inner child work, affirmation work …but they just cannot seem to find a relationship that is meaningful or one that lasts.

When I look psychically at the energy around them, what I see is often not specifically related to the relationship they called about.

Seeing Energy

Many times the energy patterns are established in their formative years and all of the time they invest in thinking work and talk therapy has done nothing more than clarify what is wrong. What’s missing is an actual  shift in the esoteric emotional body which would enable the person to feel comfortable in a healthy relationship. The vibrational patterns that were established early on, is what  they continue to resonate with.

In psychic terms they continue to be drawn to an energy that was consistent with the problem; the solution, at an energetic level,  did not quite feel right to them.

Energetically, the Law of Attraction teaches us that you can’t get skinny by thinking fat. You can’t get rich thinking poor. As you begin to focus on what you want and let go of the need to constantly define what is wrong, you begin to manifest what you are thinking about. Of course, old habits sometimes die hard. We have to consistently focus on what is working for us. What I am able to contribute as a psychic, is my vision at an esoteric energy level.

From an energetic perspective, we are able to create exercises that stimulate energy movement outside the familiar and open up new channels so individuals can resonate with a new understanding. Together we work to create exercises that open up your own sources of new energy, not by rehashing the old, but by realizing the potential in the new.

Almost everyone I read for says, “You did not say what I thought you were going to say, but  I feel so much better. I think I can do what you suggest.” …and when they  check back in  after a month, many still feel better regardless of their immediate situation.

The truth about relationships is, both parties need to be willing to work on the solution. The relationship dance is best done realizing that sometimes we come together, sometimes we move apart. Always, we respect the movement and trust the partner. If we can do that, the relationship will survive. If not, the relationship was not meant to be long term.

Much of this information has been learned first hand in the relationship I have had with my lover, partner and friend. We have been dancing since I was 14 years old. In my experience, the relationship dance comes with great rewards and much effort!

If your relationship is in need of a tune up, call today and schedule a reading.

Diana Blagdon

Diana Blagdon is a teacher, soul coach, past life regression therapists and radio show host who is a Certified Master Psychic. Her practice includes Psychic Readings, Past Life Soul Regression and Spiritual Direction. She is a Reiki Master Healer, Esoteric Healing Facilitator and Life & Business Coach. She creates and leads Wisdom Weekend Retreats in Door County WI and offers Intuition Development Classes and facilitates Psychic Galleries and Seminars at StarGazers the metaphysical adventure shop she owns and operates in Fish Creek WI. From an early age Diana saw/sensed the energy that swirls around everything and intuitively recognized how all creatures on the planet relate and are energetically connected. This Knowing prompted her to seek training in Psychology, Metaphysics and all matters Psychic. Her natural abilities along with her developed skill set enables her to work with individuals, couples, life partners, groups and organizations providing readings, coaching and teaching that empowers her clients to embrace the sacred nature of their own gifts, and be authentic in everything they do.

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