Psychic Dreamscapes

I recently had a  client call me and ask If I could help with a  psychic dream reading



I was more than happy to work with her. She had experienced the dream on several occasions and was curious  to understand the interpretation from a psychic perspective. The symbolism of the dream she relayed was rich and provided her new insight and understanding as we looked at the images.

Working psychically to understand the metaphors within a dream sequences can shed new light and meaning to our waking life. Oftentimes interpretation provides us the answer to a life question we have been dealing with for many years.  Many times our dreams become an  instrument for clarity that our intuition uses to inform us of a new direction we need to take in our lives.

Her dream went like this: She was out shopping with a friend.  She was excited about being out with this particular friend because she had not seen her for a long time and they were best friends as children.  They were shopping in a store that she did not often visit because it always seemed beyond her price range.

Finding bargains in this particular store added a special feeling of excitement. She felt special shopping at this store. As she found things that she could afford she giggled with delight.

She was looking through a stack of brightly colored sweaters. She was luxiurating in the feel and texture of the yarn as well as the pure visual enjoyment of the colors.

She was feeling relaxed and really enjoying the day knowing that she had all the time she needed to make a choice.

So many choices.

Deciding which color best suited her mood that day became her only concern.

All of a sudden a woman who strongly resembled her mother swooped in and without saying a word scooped up all the sweaters.


She felt all her energy drain away as the sweaters were taken from her grasp.

My client said “excuse me,  I was here first” but the woman, acting as if she had not heard a thing,  took the sweaters and left. My client felt devastated. She realized her feelings of being totally rejected and discounted by the mother/shopper were sharply familiar.

As we explored the dream my client came to understand how important it was for her to continue to have people in her life that saw her as the responsible, capable person that she was.  She needed to  nurture and care for her relationship with the friends that supported her and helped her feel secure in her identity. She also came to understand that she needed to lovingly release the individuals that insisted on seeing her only in the light of her past behaviors.

We created affirmations for her to use to reinforce her new direction:

  • “I am willing to see the best in myself”
  • “I attract and align with positive, support friends”

Then I helped her understand that the only person who can interpret your dreams are you.

Common themes and symbols do exist  and can be utilized and analyzed but their possible meaning will be strongly influenced by the personality, current life situation, and background of the dreamer.

Working with a psychic can help you open up to the insight and understanding of your dream world.  The value of getting an objective psychic opinion can help you to understand the symbols of your dreams in an entirely new way.

Exploring your dreams and their meanings with a psychic  will unlock a whole new world for you. A world in which I am excited to be a part. Call or text me today to schedule a time. 920-854-9352


Diana Blagdon

Diana Blagdon is a teacher, soul coach, past life regression therapists and radio show host who is a Certified Master Psychic. Her practice includes Psychic Readings, Past Life Soul Regression and Spiritual Direction. She is a Reiki Master Healer, Esoteric Healing Facilitator and Life & Business Coach. She creates and leads Wisdom Weekend Retreats in Door County WI and offers Intuition Development Classes and facilitates Psychic Galleries and Seminars at StarGazers the metaphysical adventure shop she owns and operates in Fish Creek WI. From an early age Diana saw/sensed the energy that swirls around everything and intuitively recognized how all creatures on the planet relate and are energetically connected. This Knowing prompted her to seek training in Psychology, Metaphysics and all matters Psychic. Her natural abilities along with her developed skill set enables her to work with individuals, couples, life partners, groups and organizations providing readings, coaching and teaching that empowers her clients to embrace the sacred nature of their own gifts, and be authentic in everything they do.

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