Grieving the loss of a loved one

I routinely get requests to help clients reconnect with loved ones who have passed…

As a psychic life coach I always remind my clients that grief is something that can be tough to shake and can feel overwhelming at times.

If you’re mourning for an extended period of time you can become physically, mentally and spiritually exhausted.

If you begin to feel that your grief is lasting forever  a psychic counselor can help you take steps to feel better.

 Common symptoms of grief (from Psychic Source):

1. Confusion
Once you lose someone close to you, you might feel a sense of confusion, according to Crisis Support Services. One moment the individual was there, and the next he or she has passed on. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding the death, you’re likely going to be in shock following the event, and this is a completely normal reaction.

2. Mood Swings
The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign states that mood swings are another psychological and emotional effect of grief. These may occur when you’re reminded of the death or the specific individual and underlying feelings are triggered. While it’s normal to suffer from this symptom while grieving, it’s important to gain control of your emotions over time.

3. Headaches
One of the most common physical symptoms of grieving is a headache. As stress and anxiety seep in, you might start to feel pain in your head as you try to wrap your mind around the situation. In addition, you may have difficulty concentrating on a regular basis.

While it can be tough to lose a loved one, there’s no timetable on grieving. That being said, you may experience some of these symptoms for an extended period of time, but it’s important to recognize that what you’re going through isn’t unusual.

4. Social Isolation
As you try to collect your thoughts and your feelings, you might be inclined to stay away from your friends and relatives as you try to cope with the death. While many people often lean on their loved ones while grieving, it’s not uncommon for individuals to seek alone time in this situation as well. If you need a little breathing room, take it and don’t think twice.

Keep in mind, there is no common time frame for the grieving process. It takes the amount of time it takes. Be gentle with yourself and give yourself the time you need.

Ask for help when you need some assistance.

Trust the process and slowly you will begin to notice that the days are starting to feel different. Some days begin to get easier than others. You will begin to recognize that you no longer feel like you are walking with weights on your feet.

You slowly begin to experience periods when you are no longer consumed with grief.

In time, the moments of remembering will become joyful occasions.

You will laugh again, maybe not today or even tomorrow, but in time.

I can help you re-connect with your loved ones.

Please, call me if I can be of assistance

Diana Blagdon, Psychic 920.854.9352

Diana Blagdon

Diana Blagdon is a teacher, soul coach, past life regression therapists and radio show host who is a Certified Master Psychic. Her practice includes Psychic Readings, Past Life Soul Regression and Spiritual Direction. She is a Reiki Master Healer, Esoteric Healing Facilitator and Life & Business Coach. She creates and leads Wisdom Weekend Retreats in Door County WI and offers Intuition Development Classes and facilitates Psychic Galleries and Seminars at StarGazers the metaphysical adventure shop she owns and operates in Fish Creek WI. From an early age Diana saw/sensed the energy that swirls around everything and intuitively recognized how all creatures on the planet relate and are energetically connected. This Knowing prompted her to seek training in Psychology, Metaphysics and all matters Psychic. Her natural abilities along with her developed skill set enables her to work with individuals, couples, life partners, groups and organizations providing readings, coaching and teaching that empowers her clients to embrace the sacred nature of their own gifts, and be authentic in everything they do.

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