Door County Summer Season’s Greetings & Farewells

StarGazers is a seasonal metaphysical resource center in Fish Creek, Wisconsin that has been offering books, gifts and resources to the metaphysical community since 1988.


Spirit directed me to purchase the business and keep it running after the tragic death of it’s founder and owner. Late last Winter, I was approached by the sister of a local businesswoman who asked if I would like to purchase StarGazers Books and Gifts. After serious meditation, I came to understand that it was indeed the next right move for me. I was told I was to function as a conduit of information to Nancy Brown‘s 25-year customer base.

My intuitive background and psychic awareness made me the perfect person to tell her story. I was directed to make myself available to meet with her customers and to help them come to terms with their loss and grief at her unexpected passing. I simply needed to breath deep, laugh often and trust the process!

As the last weeks of summer approach, I have met with at least one and sometimes three or four of her former customers daily since early June. I will continue to be available as needed.

I am committed to maintaining a StarGazers business presence until the next owner comes along. I have begun to have dream segments about the next generation of ownership for StarGazers.

Through the course of this summer I have continued to serve an ever-growing, personal, psychic client base and work with a small group of individuals as a Life Coach. Although I thoroughly enjoy the retail experience, it is the one-on-one and psychic development work that continues to be my first calling. It is important for me to continue to offer my services privately and to work as a certified Master Psychic with and through the online services:

…because of the standard of excellence they project within the metaphysical community.


I am now being Spirit-directed both in night dreams and day meditations, to open up to interviewing potential new owners and entertaining purchase offers. I will continue to be involved daily for as long as I am needed and would welcome the opportunity to work with a new owner during a transition.

Although I do not always immediately understand the why’s, the direction is clear and I am open to the flow or transition of my life journey. Over the course of the last several months, through the “season” in Door County, I have done just that. The business thrives today and I know Nancy is smiling down on the whole process as she moves along on her spiritual journey.

UPCOMING: Introduction to Reiki Energy Balancing

with Lisa K. Miller, Reiki Master, Teacher
Saturday, August 31 and Sunday, September 1 from 11 am – 2 pm outside on the Stargazer’s front porch! …$15 for a 15-minute personal energy balancing session.

Diana Blagdon

Diana Blagdon is a teacher, soul coach, past life regression therapists and radio show host who is a Certified Master Psychic. Her practice includes Psychic Readings, Past Life Soul Regression and Spiritual Direction. She is a Reiki Master Healer, Esoteric Healing Facilitator and Life & Business Coach. She creates and leads Wisdom Weekend Retreats in Door County WI and offers Intuition Development Classes and facilitates Psychic Galleries and Seminars at StarGazers the metaphysical adventure shop she owns and operates in Fish Creek WI. From an early age Diana saw/sensed the energy that swirls around everything and intuitively recognized how all creatures on the planet relate and are energetically connected. This Knowing prompted her to seek training in Psychology, Metaphysics and all matters Psychic. Her natural abilities along with her developed skill set enables her to work with individuals, couples, life partners, groups and organizations providing readings, coaching and teaching that empowers her clients to embrace the sacred nature of their own gifts, and be authentic in everything they do.

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